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Strategy & Implementation Services

"To make a great dream come true, the first requirement is a great capacity to dream;

the second is persistence."

— Cesar Chavez


Strategy Development

Grow business while incorporating DEI to drive revenue, profit, productivity, and personal fulfillment at all levels.


Change Management

It's a common misconception that employees resist DEI because DEI is somehow different from other corporate changes. But employees resist every type of change--from technical tool replacement to changing how the elevators work. Truly comprehensive change management principles work as well or possibly better for DEI transformation than for internal platform technology upgrades.


Roadmap Creation

With strategy development and change management efforts underway, operationalizing a roadmap is the crucial next step.


Reporting Audit

Current metrics and KPIs may unintentionally incorporate institutional biases. Auditing the variety of DEIJ-related reporting functions allows us to examine assumptions that may unintentionally bake in bias to reporting processes.


KPI Innovation

Many companies don't know how to measure value lost through systemic bias and value created by DEIJ culture. Measuring these cultural impacts on business success has seemed unattainable for many years.

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