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Laying the Foundation


"The way is not always easy, but in order to bring a work through to completion, you will need a strong character, a broad foundation of knowledge

and an enormous force of persuasion."

— Santiago Calatrava



Most corporate DEI efforts struggle with a combination of good intentions, interesting ideas, nagging questions, and confounding answers. Our Discovery process sifts and sorts the elements of these situations into an organized, holistic explication that reveals clear and practical paths for action.


Alignment Lab

Organizational leaders often have a variety of perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace and in society as a whole. Senior leaders who are trying to build a better future often experience the miscommunications that arise between people around history, politics, and language as almost too painful to explore.


Will-Building Campaign

In the context of widely differing perspectives on history and identity, change management to deliver DEI change requires thoughtful, sensitive engagement with both skeptics and champions.


Data Guidance 

A business approach to DEI requires data-driven strategy and measurement of outcomes. But DEI data is more sensitive than sales pipeline data or ROI on new equipment. Sharing the wrong data with the wrong people can break privacy laws and harm candidate and employee trust.

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