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Data Assessment


"We must study, we must investigate, we must attempt to solve; and the utmost that the world can demand is, not lack of human interest and moral conviction, but rather the heart-quality of fairness, and an earnest desire for the truth

despite its possible unpleasantness."

—W.E.B. Du Bois


DEI Snapshot

The DEI process is messy and always involves some level of uncertainty. But too much ambiguity can make it difficult for leaders to identify obstacles, set clear targets, and measure progress.


Digital Focus Groups

Survey fatigue, survey resistance, survey resignation, fear of broken confidences, and fear of retaliation all present obstacles to capturing the truthful experience of employees--especially employees from under-represented groups.


DEI Culture

The many ingredients of a DEI process make it difficult for leaders to conduct comprehensive assessments. This assessment delivers integrated reports on progress and obstacles within each target area.


DEI Training
Impact Assessment

If a training happens with no measurement, has it made an impact? This assessment evaluates how training builds awareness and changes behavior in relation to vital DEI goals.


Longitudinal Employee
Lifecycle DEI Assessment

Examining the employee lifecycle reveals a data goldmine of interactions and relationship. This allows us to identify bright spots to leverage and amplify as well as areas where bias harms the success of individuals and the company as a whole.


Process Audit

Biases do not manifest only inside of individual sentiment and experience. Systemic obstacles reliably exclude underrepresented talent. To shift these obstacles, we must examine systemic bias in policies, processes, and procedures.


Desk Review

Promotional text and images communicate the organization's core values to customers, staff, senior leaders, and investors. Both internal communication and external communication can unintentionally reinforce bias and frustration through language, images, timing, and sequencing.

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