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Case Studies

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Cloud Computing

Analyzed 8 years of SalesForce and HRIS data across 700+ employees to assess equity of opportunities for diverse employees. This informed a detailed report on managerial effectiveness with recommendations for process improvement. 

Real Estate

Created first-of-its-kind culture strategy across 8 locations in order to collect and analyze data from surveys, focus groups, leader interviews, review of company materials and media presence. This guided a culture transformation roadmap, with data-driven training and KPIs for progress. 

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Overhauled business strategy across 400+ employees to expose and grapple with effects of systemic bias. Project included comprehensive culture assessment, process audit, desk review, reporting audit, managerial effectiveness training, and dashboard creation. 


​ Led change management process across 3 different M&As. As part of all 3 M&As, developed and codified repeatable first-of-their-kind structures and templates and successfully delivered multiple Transitional Services Agreements over 1.5 years with zero audit issues, including:

  • Project managed full employee transition for global divestiture across 9 workstreams in 5 (instead of the anticipated 9) months, saving the company over $1 million in costs

  • Led multi-workstream divestiture of 1,200 employees as a division of seller company transitioned to buyer company

  • Led multi-workstream post-acquisition support and integration



Led implementation of internally restricted open-source coding for dozens of globally distributed teams of developers.

Managed successful company-wide change from MS Office to G-suite platform.

Commercial Real Estate

Reanimated a stalled SalesForce implementation across 20+ offices by assessing stakeholder engagement, administering change readiness surveys, and analyzing data on end-user training and experience.

Created customized change readiness playbook to measure ongoing progress and success factors and serve as a template for future change efforts.


Consumer Packaged Goods

Guided company through strategic and operational change management to expand its leading role in the COVID-19 pandemic as a global supplier of hygiene and cleaning products.

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